Nitrox-Easy-System AFC Solar Serie 2014

Nitrox easy system AFC Solar series in 2014

Especially develops for breath air compressors with petrol or diesel engines are driven and no stream connection exists. Everywhere therefore secure compressor company is guaranteed off net stream connections.

With 220 / 380 V electrically to pursued breath air compressors a cultivation of the Nitrox easy system is easily possible also for series AFC in 2014.

A specific feature is that this Nitrox easy system is always protected by AC mains supply power protective circuit. The easy system is therefore, in any case, an independent, self supply device.

The following functions guarantee the independent company: 

The oxygen protection circuit is supplied with accumulators.     The measuring unity is integrated in the mixing system. The device can be only begun if the compressor runs, because suction air is required.

 The sensor in the suction parts releases the admixture of the oxygen.

If the compressor stops, the air movement is absent in the air inlet hose, the O2 mixing process is interrupted.    

A reactivation is possible only with perfect run of the compressor.     After ending of the Nitrox colt OUT OF VISION the O2 feed can be stopped about the key.    

With putting into operation again of the compressor the sensor recognises the suction air and releases the O2 mixing process again.

 Therefore is guaranteed that adding of oxygen for generating of Nitrox 32%, 36 % 0 of 40% can occur only with flawless compressor function.

Technical details:

  • The protective control is integrated in the GRP case.
  • The accumulator is supplied about a loading regulator by solar cells.
  • The electromechanical control works with low-voltage DC max. 24 V
  • The AFC sensor recognises the suction achievement of the breath air compressor The sensor steers the release of the mixing process through measurement of the      suction amount of the compressor.
  •  The sensor steers the release of the mixing process through measurement of the      suction amount of the compressor.

Net stream connection exists in the area of the petrol-powered or diesel-powered of compressor:



If a continuous secure electricity supply is here available a company of the Nitrox easy system is also possible for series AFC in 2014 about a suitable outlet connection with 220 V.



 This protective circuit system of  Continue Flow unit`s with O2 is valid as extreme maturely what proves since 2004 worldwide companies free of complaint of the devices in the long-term application and under complicated climatic conditions.