The new generation Nitrox- & Trimix-Easy-System

The new generation: Nitrox-& Trimix easy system

In the meantime, are of use more than 80 percent of the divers Nitrox as a breath gas.

Hence, offering of Nitrox is economically important to survival just for small diving centre. The new Nitrox-Trimix-Easy-System was developed especially for small and middle diving centers as well, as safari boats with low electricity supply and was tested.

By the actual cost management diving centers in Germany and the European neighbouring countries can also offer her customer reasonably Nitrox.

Trimix user are to be found up to now still predominantly in the Tec area, however, this grows steadily.

Thanks to our new system the helium costs considerably decrease.

The memory tanks are emptied – as well as with the oxygen for generating by Nitrox with NESY – to 0 cash. A gas loss is so prevented