Different Types of Nesy


Nesy-Execution Operation Modes Compressor Performance
Typ 350/ (Standard) Power grid direct use; electic drive Compressor 80-350 liter/min
Typ 650 (AFC) Gas or Fuel use Compressor, also Power grid near by 280-650 liter/min
Typ 1000 (AFC Solar) Gas or Fuel use Compressor, without any Power grid near by 400-1000 liter/min

Nesy Standard (Typ 350)

Been suited for stream-pursued compressors, becomes this Nesy in Switch one 
Connection box of the compressor connected. With 380 V of care and star 
Triangle connection is taken from 220 V in the switch relay (shooter) for the Nesy. 
With it the protective control of the Nesy is active. 
Nesy can be only begun if the compressor runs, with stop 
of the arrangement the mixing process switches off.

Nesy AFC (Typ 650)

Suitable for petrol or diesel-pursued compressors without own 
Stream spring, is, however a stream net (220V) or battery stream (24 V or. 
2x12V) near the compressor available. 
This Nesy becomes optional to the called care tensions 
connected and with an air movement sensor in the mixing system 

Nesy AFC Solar (Typ 1000)

Suitable in areas without any mains connection for the company from 
Compressors with internal combustion engines without generator with 12 V or 
24 V. 
The batteries built-in in the Nesy become about a solar cell inclusiv 
Loading regulator (24V) permanently with the necessary energy supplies. 
With it sensor and the protective circuit becomes to the air movement in the Nesy 
actively. Condition is a bright daylight or direct sunlight.